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    Weight Loss

    For those individuals who want to lose weight using a long-term, flexible program
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    Energy & Performance

    For active people looking to build lean muscle, enhance performance and reduce recovery times
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Do you feel trapped by how society dictates what your life should look like? Are you one of the millions working a schedule set by someone else? Are you trying to fit your fun into what time is left over? We believe it is time to break free from the chains!

Sometimes the chains that prevent us from being free are more mental than physical. You have the power to design the life limited only by your imagination. What if you didn’t have to work for 40 hours a week for 40 years for 40% of what wasn’t enough in the first place. What if you didn’t have to wait for retirement to live your life. We are part of a growing team who are throwing away what society considers ‘normal’. Believe that you can make time freedom a reality. We offer free coaching and ongoing support and are committed to helping you achieve your goals. One of the best parts of our business is getting to choose who we partner with. Will it be you?



I believe in working hard and playing hard. I have always been active and athletic – I was a competitive gymnast, co-captain of the high school basketball team and co-captain of our university touch football team. I’ve been involved in weight training, running and cycling for numerous years. I also have always had a strong work ethic. I’ve held jobs from pumping gas to packing potatoes and waiting tables. After I graduated from university with a Bachelor of Commerce degree I began working in the ‘real world’. I was a bank teller, event coordinator, IT security specialist among other things and most recently an intelligence analyst. In each and every job, I was always living pay check to pay check. While I would not trade the experiences I’ve had in each of my careers, they were often time consuming and stressful. It was a challenge for me to keep up with my career, family life, fitness activities and kids sporting events.

For years, I consistently lived off convenience and fast food and was drinking buckets of coffee to keep my energy levels high enough to complete my daily tasks. My career jobs were not covering the financial responsibilities of my family. Over time, my stress levels continued to increase while my energy level decreased and my health suffered.

When I was 35 years old, I was diagnosed with thyroid cancer. I discovered that same day that I was expecting my 2nd child. I had my first surgery in my 2nd trimester and another surgery when my daughter was 8 months old. My radiation treatment occurred 4 months after that. Soon after I was back to work full time and had two young children at home. My stress level and coffee intake was through the roof. Follow that up with a separation and bankruptcy and I knew it was time for a change.

Having cancer makes you re-evaluate and prioritize what’s important in life. I began to concentrate on my health and I started looking for an opportunity to make more money so I could enjoy time freedom. I wanted to live my life; I wanted to own my life. I have so many adventures to go on in this life. I want my children to look at me and see someone who is embracing every second. I want them to understand that life is to be experienced and that their future is controlled by no one but themselves. I will take my children to wondrous places. We will live life!

I have found a system that has transformed my life. My energy level is incredible – giving me what I need to not only keep up with my kids, but leaving them wondering if they can keep up with me. I found the financial and time freedom to backpack Italy and Germany and take my children to Disney World. There are more adventures on the horizon for us!

I want to give back and assist anyone, especially single moms who feel stuck financially. There ARE choices. We have the vehicle that can get you to the life you want to live. It takes hard work, no question. You just need to DECIDE how you want to live your life and do it. I can help. We have a wonderful, supportive team and we are collectively making a difference.


I worked as a police officer for 23 years. I’ve worn the police uniform for more than 10 years in various communities. Since that time and because of special skills and promotions, I found myself working in homicide/major crime, source witness protection and criminal intelligence/organized crime and various other roles I won’t mention.

Police work is extremely challenging. I was always on the road traveling or working shift work and by default, chose convenient and quick fast food for meals. You pay a price for those unhealthy decisions – weight gain!

As well, this career is also high stress and the chance of injury is high. I have had two rotator cuff surgeries with pins, operations on both legs and numerous other scrapes, bruises and sometimes bites from “clients”. Not to mention digestive issues. I have also been off duty for stress-related issues due to a certain environment I was in while on duty.

Why did I choose this line of work? I absolutely love helping people. From an early age I knew this is what I wanted to do – help people. I’ve coached hockey and performed other volunteer work throughout my career and life. And now, I am able to extend this desire to help people even further through Isagenix, without the high stress environment.

I have a strong background in fitness, including hockey, body building and triathlons. And in my line of work, I was a little skeptical that Isagenix would meet my requirements and expectations….but trying is believing!!! I was introduced to Isagenix by Joelle Dagley, who is now my better half…yup better!! I lost approximately 20 lbs, many inches and it’s still on-going. I have more energy, sleep better and just feel great! It impressed me so much that I had to share it with others. I’m now able to help people get healthy and financially comfortable, but without the danger and stress! The added bonus is that I can carry this into my retirement. Our compensation package is second to none which is why I retired from policing in April 2016, years earlier than scheduled. This will allow me to visit and spend more time with my family. I have a daughter who lives is a different province with her mom and Isagenix will allow me to see her more often!

Isagenix is the vehicle YOU can use to get what you want from life. I’m just an average guy from a small town in eastern Canada who wanted to make a difference in my life and the lives of others. You can do this too – you just need to make the decision to start. I can help: it’s what I do!

What We Do

Weight Loss

What if:
  • you could chase your children around the backyard without difficulty?
  • you could cross the finish line of a 5 km? 10 km? ½ marathon?
  • you had the energy to get through your day without massive amounts of coffee?
  • you felt wonderful in the clothes you put on each day?
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Are You Toxic? https://youtu.be/9jeIL82Of9I
Jill Birth's Transformation https://youtu.be/0x4grRXo7W4  
IsaBody Challenge https://youtu.be/6ViwYXYY1zo
100/200/300 Pound Club https://youtu.be/NOsbJ3ZwdQE

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Energy and Performance

What if:
  • you had the energy to take on new fitness challenges?
  • you experienced new personal bests in your sport?
  • you noticed an improvement in your recovery time allowing you to push your training to new heights?
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Team Isagenix https://youtu.be/Vn8MSt5oRFk
Isagenix Athletes https://youtu.be/7eLFML-xXGE
Crossfit Games and Isagenix https://vimeo.com/99391425

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Healthy Aging

What if:
  • you could look and feel younger than you are?
  • you could experience the energy to keep up with your grandchildren?
  • you had the confidence to experience the world and continue to enjoy life?
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What's Aging You? https://youtu.be/6PzIxCQ28wM
Dr. Michael Colgan on Isagenix https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=11Xl6RNhyoc

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What if:
  • you could be paid for what you are worth?
  • you could work where you want, when you want and with who you want?
  • you could contribute and give back to your family and community
  • you could wake up every day ready to take on the world?

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Start Your Life Movement (18 - 35 years) https://youtu.be/nW_XK11t_JA
Isagenix Difference https://youtu.be/T_Jh8jp9RTs  
Entrepreneurial Women https://youtu.be/RKYLoNjjFyc
Peta Kelly - The Business of Sharing https://vimeo.com/106806687
You + Two https://youtu.be/fV3JWzNxBeI

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